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by Fire-Toolz

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    This is the self-released CD version of Interbeing, originally released on Bedlam Tapes. This version has 1) the pink and white background (as seen in the liner notes) instead of the silver CD face 2) no printed lyrics as the insert is a 2-panel 3) no CD tray artwork as the tray itself is opaque. This version is cheaper than the original. Better photos coming soon.

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A draft does sew oneself straight thru window to blade to passageway Window to window I want to find something good in the air I place my hope in suburbia Just once in the grass on my lunch break I materialized right in the center I let myself hear the meathooks, the Macbooks, every street crossing, every sidewalk slash, even Jesus Christ on a podcast. I place my hope in suburbia I’ve always aimed to live in an air conditioned car in the cookie cutter district of a desolate utopia It can be such warfare to unclench this ego and evaporate as keenly as I came I’ve embraced my inner suburbia A small seed’s needs are always met Why do I ask questions before thinking? I’m creating complications!
I’m dressing my hungry brain in freshly cut lawn I felt lightly touched tips of row houses on my toes Tender in new cities without sleep Wake up alone Plant myself in the floor The spout of golden light in my ear I am empty I am free The z’s got caught in my split ends The hook is through my lip I crave so much a loft to live in A cozy grave to call my Home™ I crave Everywhere’s spacious in real life The random access memories A work path These blending options If you lived here, you’d be home right now The future of the world will be a network A pyramid turned upside-down Solutions for a small planet I crave
“When there is hatred against you, may you come back to your body… May you come back to your breath… When there is harm, may you remain visible on the path of spirit… May awakening be known in your body at this time… May rage be settled… May the idea of enemy be banished… May actions be filled with sincere purpose… May wellness be illuminated… May all beings be well in it’s broadest sense. May rage be settled…”
I’ll empty myself out so I can see. Everything & everywhere is spacious. Is there somewhere empty that we can meet?
“I am demon, with horn. [sic]” Why doesn’t anyone wanna pay for this copulation? You see me through white dust My hairline past my shadow The web is just a web Unclogging ports one afternoon at a time with weapons I think I will undergo disambiguation from these orbs of folly My roots can attest I’ll smile the weapon In a Fantasyland Place, I step in I will undergo renewal, re-transformation
Pouring water over my glass eyes Such a tiny gap to find Noise shaping, total pre-saturation, self-bias resistor I’ve become alignment flexing with sheen, blossoming into me
So as it turns out I’m not quite prey There’s hindsight for free in the entryway But at the wheel, a bristle worm Your HRQOL, my investment firm I felt I had been screaming doubt But someone else’s voice was crying out I unhid your files and iced the Finder Then took a nap in a canopy Ultimately my red hot rise that went through walls and squeezed your eyes should’ve lost so much more I should’ve really realized that at its core So as it turns out I’m not quite done sucking up and fucking up my father’s son I should really take the time to listen to what my enemies are saying In the arms of a morbid angle, fly away from me


Released on Bedlam Tapes (BEDLAM_44), & then independently re-released a bunch of times.

Interbeing Remix Vol. 1 @ Suite 309 ➡ suite309.bandcamp.com/album/interbeing-remix-vol-1

Interbeing Remix Vol. 2 @ Legendary Entertainment ➡


released November 9, 2017

Blurb by Maxwell Allison:

Angel Marcloid makes music under too many names to list, but her Fire-Toolz moniker has come to host some of her most complex and expressive compositions to date. Sculpted from warped signifiers hyperlinked from a litany of genres including electro-industrial, jazz fusion, black metal, vaporwave, and noise improv, Fire-Toolz's music takes on its own chimeric character both reminiscent in the hyper-specificity of its mangled tropes and alien in its tightly structured composite. Far from indulging in sterile experiments in production, Marcloid herself shines (or self-immolates) at the center of her project with searing lead vocal performances that flit between screams, croons, barks, and whispers. Her lyrics grapple with trauma and obsession, as she processes her experiences as a transgender girl through the lens of an infinite oneness with all beings that seems to justify the grueling existence of these sacks of meat that hold our consciousnesses. Interbeing, her third full-length album as Fire-Toolz, follows 2017's Drip Mental (Hausu Mountain) and 2016's Even The Files Won't Touch You (Depravity Label). The album represents a shift away from the axis of grab-bag sample recontextualization toward arrangements brimming with live instrumentation and original, performance-based composition. Marcloid's tracks smash the baroque harmonic frameworks and smooth textures of fusion into webs of blastbeat metal or four-on-the-floor techno percussion, all struck through with flashes of synthetic noise and empty space that destroy any semblance of rhythmic coherence. Every style that Interbeing cycles through in its time-dilating 40 minute duration finds its counterpoint a few moments away: stomping dancefloor-ready grids crumble with the introduction of billowing saxophone lines; passages of gorgeous ambient drift segue into garbled and glitched nonsense; jackhammer drum programming colludes with chintzy preset video game tones. Like an exaggerated dystopian version of the eclectic listener who finds joy in juxtaposing genres or moods while building a playlist, Fire-Toolz makes room within the context of one project for endless recombination and fragmentation beyond any constraints - all to give us some inkling, however small it may be, of what lies at her core.


INTERBEING was produced, mixed, & mastered by Angel Marcloid during the months of Februrary through July, 2017, in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Where Are You Now was originally written & performed by Dan Siegel. [CODENAME_BONKERS] features segments from Breathe Yourself Back Home by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel. Meows on Passageways To Meeting Areas by Franz Fontenot. Purrs on Dreamt Hex Code by Süki Lloyd.

Front cover 3D scene & all object rendering by Jeremy Coubrough. Text, logo warping, “plastic wrap” effect, & layout by Angel Marcloid. Original logo concept by Christophe Szpajdel.

© Fire-Toolz 2017 / © Bedlam Tapes 2017 / fire-toolz.com


all rights reserved



Fire-Toolz Chicago, Illinois

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Remixes, covers, etc >>> fire-toolz-other.bandcamp.com

Mastering, mixing, & custom production >>> angelhairaudio.com

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